Hormone Replacement Therapy


What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormones play a vital role in many bodily processes and functions including mood, reproduction, growth, sexual function, and metabolism.

Due to factors such as aging, menopause, and thyroid disease our hormone levels can be depleted. Reduced hormone levels can affect mood, energy, and vitality, and increase the risk of serious health problems.

Women with low estrogen levels are at a higher risk for osteoporosis, while men with low testosterone levels have an increased risk of erectile dysfunction and heart disease. Men and women with declined hormone levels also commonly suffer from depression, fatigue, loss of sexual libido, and weight gain.

Hormone replacement therapy is designed to bring your hormone levels back in balance.

How Can Hormone Therapy Help You?

If your hormone levels are found to be less than optimal, you can receive tremendous results with a comprehensive hormone replacement therapy program from Bubolo Medical.

You no longer have to feel tired, depressed, stressed, or weak due to low hormone levels. Our program provides a very effective way to increase energy, improve brain function, mental clarity, metabolism, heart health, and bone health.

At its most basic level hormone replacement therapy is about returning what time and nature can take away.


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