Knee Pain - Best Diagnosis and Treatment

Knee Pain – Best Diagnosis and Treatment

Knee pain is something that many people experience regardless of age. It can happen due to different reasons, such as an injury like a ruptured ligament or torn cartilage. Some medical conditions like arthritis, gout, or infections can also cause knee pain.

Thankfully, several self-care measures can help alleviate minor knee pain. Physical therapy, braces, and professional knee pain treatment in Berwyn are also great options to help relieve discomfort.

How is knee pain diagnosed?

Only a physical therapist or a doctor can diagnose your knee pain. So, be sure to call them if you experience these problems:

  • Your knee feels unstable or is about to give out when you apply your weight to it
  • The knee is swollen or deformed
  • You can’t fully flex or extend your knee
  • The pain, redness, and swelling in your knee are accompanied by a fever
  • The knee pain is the result of an injury

The severity and location of knee pain can vary, as these factors depend on the cause. However, some symptoms typically accompany the issue, such as stiffness, swelling, warmth, redness, instability, and weakness. You might also notice crunching or popping noises and find that you can’t fully straighten or move your knee.

Treatment for knee pain

There is no one-size-fits-all knee pain treatment in Berwyn. Your treatment will depend on the cause of your pain, so it might include a combination of physical therapy, medications, and injections. In worse cases, surgery might be involved.

However, knee pain treatment also depends on the physical therapist and doctors you seek. They might provide various techniques to reduce pain and improve your chances of a speedy recovery. With this in mind, be sure to seek well-equipped and highly trained pain specialists and doctors with a track record of helping their patients achieve the utmost level of functional independence by integrating extensive rehabilitation protocols.

It’s time to overcome knee pain!

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