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A Healthy Sex Life Can Improve Your Quality of Life

You can experience a healthy and spontaneous sex life again. The benefits include a more satisfying sexual experience, harder erections, and improved confidence. You owe it to yourself, don’t be ashamed to seek treatment! Your visits are discreet, and we take confidentiality very seriously.

Our board-certified physicians are trained in the latest non-surgical treatments for men’s sexual health.


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Erectile Dysfunction

Are you part of the 1 in 4 men suffering from ED? Forget the daily pills and start enjoying a spontaneous sex life again with no surgery involved.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation (PE) occurs when a man ejaculates quickly with minimal stimulation. If this is a recurring issue, we can help you. Experience a sex life that satisfies both partners.

Low Libido (Low Sex Drive)

Libido (Sex Drive) tends to decline with age and can be due to a number of issues. Everyday stress, hypertension, hormones, and performance anxiety can catch you by surprise.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Your hormones can be a very complicated situation, and there is not one solution for everyone. We take an individual approach to design our HRT program to your body’s specific needs.

Medical Weight Loss

Other than the less than desired visual effects, being overweight could cause diabetes, depression, stress, and many other factors that can affect your sex life. We are here to get you back on track, looking and feeling better than ever.


Hormonal. Physiological. Psychological.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

If erectile dysfunction is caused by a deficit in testosterone levels due to aging, we do a complete lab test to check your levels and get you on a hormone replacement therapy regiment.

Men's Health Services Berwyn
Men’s Health Treatment


The unique treatments that we offer are a combination of the latest scientific research towards men’s sexual health treatment for those suffering the effects of a diminished quality of life. Our men’s health specialists use techniques that are widely recognized as being extremly efficient due to their renowned expertise in the field.


Stress, performance anxiety, or depression can interfare with sexual activity, putting stress on a relationship over time. It is treatable by discovering the root cause. We take a comprehensive look at men’s health from a holistic approach.

Men's Health Services
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