Physical medicine and rehabilitation in Berwyn

What is the Healing Power of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation?

Physiatry is a medical specialty that promotes the rehabilitation and healing of patients suffering from disability or injury. Also known as physical medicine and rehabilitation, it aims to treat the whole person by addressing their social, emotional, and physical needs. Physiatrists lead a team of specialists, including occupational or physical therapists, social workers, athletic trainers, or speech-language pathologists, depending on the patient’s needs. They work with the patient to effectively restore function and overcome or at least minimize the effects of pain, chronic disease, and disabilities.

How does it work?

Physical medicine and rehabilitation use therapeutic exercise and physical agents to improve a person’s quality of life and reduce pain. Treatment may help patients recover from severe or temporary impairment and encourage using assistive devices, such as walkers, wheelchairs, and braces.

Physical therapists also help with medical management by treating and controlling chronic or acute pain with holistic approaches and medication. They may incorporate therapeutic exercise, joint mobilization, and myofascial release techniques. Treatment may also include various physical therapy modalities and neuromuscular reeducation to improve the biomechanical stability of the body.

Seeking treatment

Only a handful of clinics and treatment centers specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation in Berwyn, so be sure to approach the right one. Reputable and established centers have a track record of helping patients improve strength, coordination, balance, and mobility to achieve optimum functional independence levels. Its physical therapists integrate extensive rehabilitation protocols for every patient while minding the person’s unique condition.

Do you need it?

Physical medicine and rehabilitation in Berwyn are recommended for a wide range of conditions, such as body aches, strains, chronic pain, sprains, and arthritis. You may also consider it to recover from fractures, acute sports or work injuries, or spinal conditions. Physical therapists can also customize a treatment program for patients recovering from strokes and those needing wound care or support to overcome developmental delays or abnormalities and amputations.