Knee Pain Treatment in Berwyn

Holistic Healing: Natural Approaches to Knee Pain Treatment in Berwyn

Knee pain can be due to an injury, a mechanical problem, arthritis, or another issue. But if it persists for more than four weeks, even with proper self-care, Alpha Rehabilitation Medical Centers can help. One of our specialties is knee pain treatment in Berwyn, and our doctors carefully tailor each program to each patient.

We will work with you to understand the root cause of the problem and provide the best solution that brings permanent relief and pain management. Our treatment combines natural and Western approaches and techniques to provide effective holistic solutions as part of your personalized treatment plan. 

When to consider treatment?

Proper and timely intervention is a key factor in reducing relieving pain and avoiding a relapse. If knee pain persists for weeks, book an appointment with our pain physicians to be on your way to enhance your overall health, wellness, and quality of life. We also recommend professional treatment at Alpha if you don’t want to take habit-forming pain medication.

What’s involved in knee pain treatment?

At Alpha Rehabilitation Medical Centers, knee pain treatment in Berwyn may include various techniques to promote pain reduction and recovery. The treatment may focus on strengthening the joints and minimizing inflammation, depending on the cause of the issue. In addition, physical therapy, orthotics, and bracing may be integrated into the treatment plan. Our pain specialists are highly skilled, equipped, and trained to treat all chronic and acute conditions and provide interventional pain management programs such as radio frequency, facet blocks, and trigger point injections.

Addressing your wellness

At Alpha, our focus goes beyond treating knee pain. We also care about your overall wellness. Different physicians will work with you to create a unique treatment program that combines alternative and conventional medicine. This way, we can provide a more personalized solution with patient education that can help improve your lifestyle and habits to prevent re-injury and manage knee pain.

Get knee pain relief now!

Book an appointment online at Alpha Rehabilitation Medical Centers or call 708-788-3880 for knee pain treatment in Berwyn. Here, you will find all the services and doctors in one location.