physical medicine and rehabilitation in Berwyn

Where Can I Get Great Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Services in Berwyn?

Don’t let the pain from an injury, illness, surgery, accident, or aging keep you from living your best life. At Alpha, we specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation in Berwyn, putting the power to overcome chronic and acute pain back into your hands with our combination of traditional treatments and modern alternatives. As experts in rehab, pain management, and wellness, you can count on us to help improve your health condition.

Why Alpha?

For over 18 years, Alpha has been the trusted provider of physical medicine and rehabilitation in Berwyn. We are committed to providing world-class pain care in our established integrated medical center. Our in-house team of professionals includes internists, chiropractors, massage therapists, podiatrists, pain management physicians, and podiatrists, making us your one-stop source for solutions to address chronic or acute pain.

Our approach

We customize an innovative approach by integrating the latest technologies and techniques with the expertise of our doctors. This way, we can address all forms of pain from sports or work injuries, auto accidents, post-surgical rehabilitation, and aging.

Our services

We offer a range of solutions for physical medicine and rehabilitation in Berwyn. If you are experiencing long-lasting pain, our interventional pain management service may be for you. Our pain specialists will apply various techniques to reduce pain and help you recover. We also offer physical therapy to treat and manage neuro-musculoskeletal disorders.

Experience our advantage

We recommend seeking professional treatment for your pain, no matter how severe or minor it is. That way, you can resume your regular activities and enjoy life. Our doctors will also identify any underlying causes of your pain and provide the necessary therapy. Our clinic in Berwyn is just a phone call away, and our physicians are ready to meet and help you. Contact us to make an appointment.